20h33 Subscriptions

20h33 Subscriptions

Packages available from £50 per month.

Wines are delivered every quarter.

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£50 inc. tax per / month

total of £150 inc. tax the trimester

The 20h33 Subscriptions allow you to take a journey through the vineyards of Bordeaux, mixing big labels and small gems, prestigious appellations and one of a kind rarities.

With these subscriptions we follow the "drink less, drink better" ethos, and so you pay monthly according to your budget, and then receive 6 bottles of top class wine each quarter, for you to discover and share.

Our packages

We offer 4 packages, with a renewable quaterly subscription. The 20h33 Subscriptions suit your desires as well as your budget:

  • £ 50 - Discovery
  • £ 100 - Premium
  • £ 250 - Privilege
  • £ 500 - Five Star


Terms remain the same as on website purchases

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