20h33 is all about having fun with friends and family over our pleasure and passion for wine.

Each of the members of staff joined through mutual friendships, and a desire to share the love and laughs we have together with as many people as we can. The founders of the French company, Jean-Benoit and Vincent, are high school friends who decided to start a “human adventure”. Founder of the UK business, Mike, met them through another of their high school friends. Toby has now completed the set having lived in France for a number of years and spent many an afternoon deep in the vineyards with JB.


Daily running of the French company is left to JB, where our clients can buy the best wines of Bordeaux, and also enjoy award winning wine tours in our 1971 VW Combi. Award winning wine writer, Mike, runs the company in the UK, with close ties to both the Bordeaux, and English vineyards.


We’re here to help you build your cellar with some exclusive wines, vintages, and within your budget and time frame. And, more than anything else, to help you have fun with some of the best wines in the world.


JB, Vincent, Mike, & Toby