Article 1. Legal Information

Legal Name and Status: 20h33 UK LTD

Registered Office: Flat 22, Eton Hall, Eton College Road, London, NW3 2DP

Company Registration Number: 08899771

VAT Number: 190 267 503

UK Director: Michael James Turner

Tel: +44 (0) 7837 126237



Site hosting: Kaizen Dévelopments, Siège Social, 9 Rue André Darbon, 33300 Bordeaux, France,


Article 2. Current UK VAT and Excise Duty Rates

2.1. All sales on this site are for purchases made within, and for customers domiciled in, the United Kingdom.

2.2. All sales are subject to UK VAT and Excise Duties, currently set at:

Current UK Excise Duty Rates (Per 75cl Bottle): £2.16 for still wine, £2.77 for sparkling wine

Current UK VAT Rate: 20%


Article 3. How The Pricing and Ordering Works

3.1. All prices quoted on the website are in GBP and (unless for En Primeur trade) are inclusive of UK VAT and UK Excise Duty. 

3.2. We endeavor to make sure all pricing is 100% correct on the website, but occasionally mistakes will occur. The buyer will be given the option to cancel the order or complete the order at the correct price. We are not obliged to sell at the incorrect price.

3.3. Offers are available on a limited time period basis. During this time however, we retain the right to adjust or even withdraw the offer price at any time.

3.4. 20h33 retains the right to limit the available quantities of certain wines due to stock levels and the occasionally speculative nature of some of the wines.

3.5. The invoices that we will send you will contain a split of the price charged and the VAT amount payable. These invoices will be sent to the buyer to confirm the order. The wine will be delivered following receipt of the full payment due.

3.6. For En Primeur sales all prices are quoted in GBP, but will exclude both UK Excise Duty and UK VAT. 

3.7. We are a private member organization, offering rare and exclusive wines solely to private buyers. We retain the right to question and, if necessary, cancel orders we perceive to be irregular or against our company strategy.

Article 4. How You Can Pay

4.1. We’re happy to accept payment by either credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

Details for bank transfers will be issued following a request to your sales representative

4.2. Online payment is made through Paypal and their partners

4.3. Please check with your own bank regarding individual transaction charges.

4.4. The price can be paid in part or in full using previously obtained 20h33 Gift Certificates, solely for use on, to the levels of £25, £50, £100, £250, and £500.

Article 5. Payment and Delivery of Quoted Wines

5.1. For all bottles of wine quoted on the website that are outside of the En Primeur trade, payment is due upon receipt of confirmation invoice. Once we have received your payment, it legally becomes your wine and we will arrange for delivery of your wine.

5.2. Due to the rare and exclusive nature of many of our offers we order the wines on a monthly basis from our base in Bordeaux. Please check with your sales representative if you require your wines within a shorter period.

5.3. All orders over £500 and/or over 24 bottles ordered to one address within the UK will be delivered with no extra delivery charge. For all other orders a standard delivery charge of £10 will be added to cover transport and insurance. We do not deliver to the Channel Islands or anywhere outside the UK.

5.4 . Once payment has been fully received for an order, the details will be automatically available in the “My Account” section of website.

Article 6. Payment and Delivery of En Primeur Wines

6.1. For all bottles of En Primeur wine ordered, the confirmation invoice will be sent to the buyer excluding VAT and Duty. Upon payment of this invoice a proof of purchase will be sent to the buyer.

6.2. En Primeur wines are made available at varying times by each individual Château, but please allow for an average of up to 2 years for their availability (this is an average time, it may be longer, it may be shorter).

6.3. As your wines are made available we will notify you, send the additional invoice for both VAT and Duty payable, and ask for your preference of delivery. Delivery will not take place before receipt of outstanding charges.

6.4. Each separate delivery may incur an additional delivery fee, although as with the usual quoted wines, any delivery of wines over the value of £500 and/or 24 bottles will be subject to free delivery.

6.5. If you wish to hold all your En Primeur wines with us until your full order has been released for delivery, a small storage charge may be charged to cover insurance costs.

Article 7. Deliveries

7.1. 20h33 will email the buyer when the wine is sent for delivery. Included in the delivery will be an additional paper copy of the invoice. 

7.2. We ensure that all wines are fully insured by either ourselves, our storage partners, or our transport providers, during shipment. We use independent couriers for our deliveries outside central London. Any wines that cannot be delivered will be returned firstly to the courier depot, and then back to our UK offices. The cost of redelivery may be passed on to the buyer.

7.3. Orders of wine to our central office in Bordeaux are made on a monthly basis. Please allow up to four weeks from the payment of the invoiced amount for delivery of your order. If you require your wine in a shorter period of time please contact your sales representative directly and a solution can be worked out.

7.4. If delivery has not been made within 6 weeks of the purchase date (delivery times may be subject to availability of stock and other factors), the customer is within their rights to cancel the order. This can be done by sending an official email to their sales representative. They will receive a full refund of monies paid if they so wish. This will be actioned within 2 weeks of the cancellation.

7.5. Upon receipt of the wines, the buyer is obliged to check over the stock and report any damages or other order discrepancies to the delivery company and 20h33 within 48 hours by writing. We would advise using registered post. We will honour the delivery charges to amend the order.

7.6. If we are unable to fulfill an order due to stock shortages, an alternative will be suggested either by Château or by vintage. If the buyer does not wish to take the alternative, a full refund will be issued within 2 weeks of notification.

7.7. We cannot always guarantee that the wines will be delivered in their original boxes. If you require this please make your sales representative aware as soon as you order.

Article 8. Non-Payment Charges

8.1. All overdue payments will incur an interest charge based on an annualized rate of 5%. These charges will come into effect 1 month after the sending of the initial invoice.

8.2. After this initial 1 month period, 20h33 retains the right to cancel the order if we so wish. If any of the order has been delivered we retain the right to ask for its return.

8.3. After a period of 12 months these overdue payments will be sought through litigation. Extra charges in addition to the interest charges will be applied.

Article 9. Cancellations

9.1. The buyer has up to one calendar month from the original order date in which to cancel their order if they have not paid the invoiced amount. After this period outstanding payment charges will be applied.

9.2. The buyer also has up to two weeks following the payment of the invoiced amount in which to cancel their order. This must be done in writing to their 20h33 sales representative.

9.3. Return of goods that are not due to a quality concern may be arranged directly with your sales representative within one week of receiving your wine. This right will be voided if the bottles have been opened or are not in a fit resale state. Delivery charges will be applied. Refunds will not be issued until we have received the returned goods.

9.4. It is not possible to cancel an order of En Primeur wines. This is subject to paragraph “g” of article 16 in the European Directive 2011/83/UE.

9.5. The warranty does not cover apparent defects, misuse, or manipulation by the purchaser.

Article 10. Trademarking and Ownership on this Website

10.1. The 20h33 logo and name are registered trademarks of SARL Plez Company.

10.2. The photographs, logos, images, and icons used in the website are subject to copyright laws. Some products may not always match their appearance in these images.

10.3. 20h33 UK LTD retains the sole rights to the database composing this website, under European Directive 96/9/CE concerning the legal protection of databases.

Article 11. Protecting Your Privacy

11.1. This site has been declared at the CNIL 1587626

11.2. 20h33 is dedicated to respecting the privacy of your details. We will only use your details lawfully under the Data Protection Act of 1998 and the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications 2003.

11.3. The use of information received by this site can, although unlikely, be made available for outside communication unless refused by the customer. The use of the information for legal or regulatory purposes is mandatory.

11.4. Under articles 12 and 14 of the EPC’s European Data Protection Act (95/46/CE) you have full rights to modify, correct, or delete your data. You can find out what data we hold about you through the “My Account” pages on the website, or by requesting the information by emailing 

11.5. The information we collect, including your name, email address, and delivery addresses are solely for use by 20h33 UK LTD and affiliate 20h33 Companies. We will only email you when you have indicated it is fine for us to do so, and you have the option to opt out at any time.

11.6. 20h33 will never store the credit card details of any of its members.

Article 12. Social Responsibility

12.1. Sale of Alcohol to Minors

12.1.1. It is an offense to sell alcoholic products to anyone under the age of 18 years old. By using this website you are certifying that you are over this age at time of use. We will also refuse to deliver the goods to anyone we believe to be under this age.

12.1.2. 20h33 online and bars operate a Challenge 25 policy. We will not serve or deliver wine to anyone we believe to be under the age of 25 without a registered ID. We will also refuse the wine if we believe the wine is to be consumed by persons under the age of 18.

12.2. Responsible Drinking

12.2.1. Alcohol is a drug, and can have harmful effects on your health if consumed irresponsibly.

12.2.2. The current government guideline is 3-4 units of alcohol per day for men and 2-3 for women. A normal glass of wine is usually between 1-2 units.

12.2.3. We advise an adequate intake of water during wine drinking in order to prevent dehydration caused by alcohol.

12.2.4. All our UK staff is encouraged to undergo examinations with the WSET school. The examinations include training on responsible drinking. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

12.3. Legal Requirements and the Effects of Alcohol

12.3.1. For all legal requirements and the potential effects surrounding the consumption of alcohol please visit the Drinkaware website.

Article 13. Cookie Policy

13.1. Our website uses cookies. These are small files that are placed on your computer’s hard drive to help analyse your web traffic and help our site tailor to you as an individual. You have the option to turn off cookies using your security settings on your computer.

Article 14. Using These Terms and Conditions

14.1. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the Laws of England, Northern Island, Scotland, and Wales and their jurisdiction, following Rome 1 Regulation.

14.2. We would envisage, however, that most problems arising could be settled amicably through discussion with our sales team.

Article 15. Modification of Terms and Conditions

15.1. 20h33 retains the right to modify these Terms and Conditions as it sees fit. Any amendments will come with prior notification to the member base.