The 20h33 WineCube lets us take you on a journey through the vineyards of Bordeaux. From big labels to hidden gems, from prestigious appellations to micro cuvées, we rigourously search for and select these wines for you to enjoy.

The wines you love are now available by monthly subscription, as you receive 9 different bottles of great Bordeaux wine each quarter to discover and share.


1. Four set price plans on a 3 month renewable commitment
2. A subscription that fits your budget
3. Get 9 bottles per quarter or 3 bottles per month
4. The wines will be accompanied by an email with descriptions of the producers, wine critic ratings, and food and music pairing suggestions


The WineCube will be delivered every three months by our delivery partners.

Quarterly delivery allows us to

  • 1. Keep shipping costs as low as possible
  • 2. Keep the quality of the wines as high as possible


  • 1. Payment is made at once
  • 2. Delivery is free

When Does It Begin ?

  • 1. Order before and up to the 4th of each month for your subscription to start that month
  • 2. Order on or after the 5th of each month for your subscription to start the following month