20h33 is about spending time with our friends, and having fun with one of the most fantastic products in the world; the wines of Bordeaux!

In 2011, two high school friends, Jean-Benoit Auzely and Vincent Pourtau - who developed a love of the wines, people, and culture of their home region - decided to throw this open to people of France. As time has moved on we’re pleased and proud to add the UK operations under Mike Turner, and spread the good word that is Bordeaux with you all!

Our knowledge of these fantastic wines is built upon our time in the Bordeaux vineyards, with wine producers and traders, whose lives are intricately tied to the product that we all know and love.

For us, wine is all about spending time together, because there is nothing like getting together around the table, with friends and family, to share a great bottle of Bordeaux wine. Philippe Faure-Brac once said: "We do not drink to forget, but to remember!" We couldn’t agree more!

The aim of 20h33 is to be in tune with the times. Our sales begin and end at 8:33p.m. Our mission is to offer our clients exclusive and rare Bordeaux wines, produced in only very limited quantities.

Our "Wine Hunter" service allows you to find the wine of your dreams, or maybe for a specific gift, which has become rare or inaccessible over time. All this is done whilst ensuring the authenticity of the product.

Our offers in such rare wines are subject to a thorough study of the market, and using the availability of other similar vintages. These offers allow you to build your cellar at your own pace, at competitive prices, within your budget, and according to your own tastes. We’ll be there for you with all the advice you might request of us!

Indulge yourself in the wines, and share our passion!

Jean-Benoit, Vincent, and Mike.
The 20h33 Team