A great wine is not just a bottle and a label!
20h33 can take you into the heart of the vineyards to meet the winemakers,
and other wine enthusiasts, who can deliver some of the secrets of
the great wines of Bordeaux.

If you’re looking to discover these famous appellations, and gain access to some special places within,
then 20h33’s Discovery Days are just the thing for you.

Onboard the Van Du Vin, our authentic and fully restored VW combi 1971, we tour the vineyards,
with stunning views and great châteaux along the way, you’ll be welcomed by the famous winemakers
to discover the secrets of their wines.

For half a day, a full day, or even more, we will introduce you to the beating heart of the vineyards of Bordeaux,
sharing our own perspective on the experiences these wines can give.

Whether you’re an individual looking to experience an unforgettable moment, or a company looking to thank your
customers and employees with a special time away together, our warm welcome and flexibility of offer will allow you
to have a unique and fully customised experience.

We want you to arrive curious, and leave happy and full of the energy of this fantastic wine region.

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